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  1. (MedPage Today) -- Also, readmissions improve with patients receiving nursing not home care
  2. (MedPage Today) -- Less heart disease in older women who move around but don't expend a lot of energy
  3. (MedPage Today) -- "If we ignore the consumer, it will be at our peril"
  4. (MedPage Today) -- Join MedPage Today and CHEST for a Twitter chat!
  5. (MedPage Today) -- New data supports importance of early HIV diagnosis, treatment
  6. (MedPage Today) -- COACT trial not favorable on immediate coronary angiography
  7. (MedPage Today) -- Swedish MS study shows patients are taking longer to reach disability milestones
  8. (MedPage Today) -- Most playing for more than a few years suffer head trauma, and few get adequate treatment
  9. (MedPage Today) -- Repeated mass administration of ivermectin alongside other antimalarials reduced the incidence of malaria in children
  10. (MedPage Today) -- Nearly one-third of patients in one large health system get opioids, benzodiazepines
  11. (MedPage Today) -- New REDUCE-IT data point to secondary prevention benefit
  12. (MedPage Today) -- Smooth, aromatic smoke belies increased risk of addiction, CVD, toxicity, AHA warns
  13. (MedPage Today) -- Also new evidence on breastfeeding and atopic disease
  14. (MedPage Today) -- Wait-and-see strategy outcomes similar in study
  15. (MedPage Today) -- Do these registry findings warrant a randomized trial?