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  1. (MedPage Today) -- You passed medical training, now see if you can pass our weekly quiz
  2. (MedPage Today) -- This week's topics also include arbovirus trends and the NIH's All of Us study
  3. (MedPage Today) -- Also, a country's response to gun violence
  4. (MedPage Today) -- Patients with 3 or more cardiac comorbidities had highest risk of premature death within 6 months
  5. (MedPage Today) -- Baroreflex stimulator approved for patients ineligible for other device
  6. (MedPage Today) -- Must reads about the latest news and trends in healthcare careers
  7. (MedPage Today) -- Nearly three-fourths of requests required nudging or escalation to be HIPAA compliant
  8. (MedPage Today) -- Wants to study a public option and other potential solutions
  9. (MedPage Today) -- First prospective, multi-center study to examine strategies in community hospitals
  10. (MedPage Today) -- Quotable quotes from MedPage Today's sources
  11. (MedPage Today) -- Median survival of 21.7 months with DNA repair inhibitor plus chemoradiation
  12. (MedPage Today) -- Timing and amount in first 5 years of life found crucial, although still too early for diet advice changes
  13. (MedPage Today) -- Meta-analysis pooled data on all major outcomes trials for agent class
  14. (MedPage Today) -- AbbVie product joins increasingly crowded field
  15. (MedPage Today) -- Findings undermine "immunologic remission" as realistic goal