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  1. (MedPage Today) -- Also, AMA offers guidance on "digital strategies" for docs' practices
  2. (MedPage Today) -- Almost half of over 40,000 U.S. adults reported allergy development after age 18
  3. (MedPage Today) -- Study argues for awareness of prevalence of traumatic histories in this population
  4. (MedPage Today) -- Olive oil and certain other vegetable, seed oils get qualified health claim
  5. (MedPage Today) -- Link seen between max BMI over decades of weight history and subsequent all-cause mortality
  6. (MedPage Today) -- Evolut PRO suffers from numerically higher pacemaker rate
  7. (MedPage Today) -- Late-onset epilepsy, APOE status raised mortality risk substantially
  8. (MedPage Today) -- Registry shows independent association among catheterized patients
  9. (MedPage Today) -- Dupilumab showed efficacy in post-hoc analysis
  10. (MedPage Today) -- Older treatments and sustained virological responses also tied to lower CVD risk
  11. (MedPage Today) -- Recent developments of interest in cardiovascular medicine
  12. (MedPage Today) -- A 22-year-old woman went to the doctor with concerns about frequent nosebleeds. She also noticed some bright red macules and spider veins had appeared on her lips and tongue. If she pressed on them, they briefly disappeared. Can you diagnose the patient?
  13. (MedPage Today) -- Upcoming AHS position paper will help guide clinicians
  14. (MedPage Today) -- Migraine with aura responsible for 18% of improper thrombolytic treatments
  15. (MedPage Today) -- SSRI treatment gives some successes for OCD-related "stuck song syndrome" accompanied by anxiety